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Do you want to record agreements with your international customer, supplier, renter or other business partner in the form of a contract? Our lawyers can help you draw up watertight contracts that perfectly match your organisation. That way you can do business with peace of mind.

Prevent disputes

In principle, contracts are free of form. This means that both oral and written agreements are generally legally valid. However, it is important to note that this rule varies considerably per country. Verbal agreements are more difficult to prove and can also lead to ambiguities and discussions between you and your international business partner. In the worst-case scenario, you will have to begin a costly legal procedure in order to prove your claim.
In France, for example, verbal agreements are valid for most contracts but not all i.e. rental agreements. If you do not have standard evidence and have not completed formalities with your clients however, there may still be an alternative solution as additional means of proof are permitted in a commercial Court in France.

Limiting risks

A good contract also limits your business risks. You can limit your liability by using a well drafted, meticulous contract. Or, for example, include a retention of title, so that you remain the legal owner of the goods until all invoices have been paid. This makes you stronger when a claim is not paid.

Adapted to your situation

In addition, an international contract offers the advantage that it can be tailored specifically to your situation. In general, if no contractual agreements have been made, legal provisions will apply but a lengthy, costly procedure will need to first take place to understand which country law is applicable and which judge is competent. Once determined, it may turn out that the legal provisions are not the most favourable for your company.
With a customised contract you can ensure that the provisions are adapted to your business.

Advantages of a business contract drawn up by our lawyers:
✔ Your contract meets the latest legislation
✔ Your risks and liability are limited
✔ A customised contract, tailored to your company and industry
✔ Contracts in an understandable language
✔ Prepared by a specialised lawyer

Specialists in drawing up business contracts

Whether you have an agency contract, or a rental agreement drawn up, with our lawyers you are guaranteed a contract of legal excellence. Our lawyers specialise in contract law and have years of experience in drafting and advising on business contracts. Before we begin, we work to understand your company and how your business is organised. This way, we ensure that your contract is perfectly in line with your business objectives and strategy and that you are fully protected.

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