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Do you own a business premises, office building or a retail space and do you want to rent this space out? The agreements you make about this are recorded in a rental agreement.

Drafting an international lease agreement

When you rent out a business space, generally, you have a lot of freedom to determine under which conditions and how you rent this space. The disadvantage is that your rental agreement may be too limited, which can lead to discussions or conflicts in the future. Our specialised lawyers can help you to draw up a legally strong lease agreement that matches your specific wishes and business situation. This way you can avoid any unnecessary risks.

Advice about international rental agreements

Have you had, or are about to have, a discussion with your tenant about your rental agreement? If you need advice, you can always contact our international lawyers. They always give clear, fair advice about your situation.


When leasing commercial space internationally, it is important to supply documents, including contracts, in both your language and the language of your landlord. English is the common language for international business, so it may be that documents are provided in English as well. However, to avoid anything being 'lost in translation' it is advisable to have contracts translated by a native legal professional. It is also highly recommended to stipulate in the contract which language takes precedent should a conflict arise.

For example, in the Czech Republic, international documents should also include the correct identification of the company including their registration number, as well as the name, function and signatory of the agency. Documents should also be stamped and signed. In France, it is preferable for all documents to be provided in French to avoid contesting of the content should a problem arise. However, it is not mandatory to do so, and the contract will still be valid even if written in a foreign language. With 35 international lawyers at your disposal, Bierens International Law is well equipped and experienced with handling leasing agreements.

Legal assistance with international leasing conflicts

Despite the fact that agreements have been laid down in a signed document, conflicts may arise with the tenant of your property. Our specialised lawyers can help you resolve your conflict and assist you when international legal proceedings are required.

What can we do for you?

  • Draft international rental agreements
  • Legal advice about your current international rental agreement
  • Legal advice in case of conflicts about the fulfilment of an international rental agreement
  • Proceed in case of conflicts about your international rental agreement

Contact a specialist lawyer

Would you like to know more about the drafting of an international lease or do you have a discussion with your tenant and would like some advice? Contact us today. We will be happy to help you.

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