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When entering into a business agreement with your international trading partner, you generally assume that the agreements from the contract will also be fulfilled. Nevertheless, it may happen that a discussion or dispute arises between you and your international customer or supplier. This often causes a lot of uncertainty and lack of clarity. Differences in trade culture, language and legislation make an international conflict a lot more complicated. Our lawyers can help. We can solve your international business conflict with your client, customer, supplier, tenant, distributor or agent.

What can we do for you?

Bierens International Law focuses on solving business conflicts. We can assist you in the following situations:

Conflicts regarding the delivery of goods
Conflicts regarding service
Conflicts in the construction industry
You have been summoned by your client or supplier
Liability and compensation
Payment conflicts
Ending or terminating an agreement
Bankruptcy of an international customer
Bankruptcy of a Dutch customer
Applicable law

Specialised in solving international business conflicts

Our lawyers have extensive experience in solving international business conflicts. Not only do they have expertise in the legal field, our specialists also know how to translate this into practical and efficient solutions for your organisation. Your interest always comes first. We strive to resolve your business conflict as quickly as possible.

Judicial and extrajudicial

When solving conflicts, we try to prevent legal proceedings. We prefer to resolve your conflict without the intervention of a judge. Should a legal procedure be necessary however, we will ensure that you are also legally strong in the courtroom. We represent your interests during the entire procedure and do everything to achieve the best result for your organisation.

Advice from a specialised lawyer

Do you have an international business conflict that you want to solve as quickly as possible? Or do you have a question about legal proceedings? Contact us today. Our lawyers are happy to help you.

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