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The French Desk is a collaboration between French and international lawyers, specialising in international contract law and commercial and procedural law. Together they have combined their knowledge to help both French and international companies with their legal issues.

Doing business in France

France is one of Europe’s leading trading partners. Many countries in Europe and abroad have imported and exported goods to and from France for years. Also, in the field of investments, important partnerships have been established among French and international companies in the areas of transport and energy. This offers many opportunities for international trade relations.

When doing business in France, you must take into consideration that there is a completely different business culture. The French language is predominant in many companies while English is not always spoken everywhere. That makes doing business a lot more difficult. Moreover, legislation in France can differ from the rules and regulations in your own country.

The lawyers at our French Desk can help French and international companies with their international business disputes. We can ensure that you are prepared for any scenario and that your international contracts are in line with your international ambitions. In the unlikely event of a trade dispute with a French business partner, we ensure that your conflict is resolved as efficiently and practically as possible.

French lawyers in your country

Our French lawyers are specialised in international trade matters. If you require advice on your rights and obligations or if you have a commercial trade dispute with a French or international party, we can assist you. Our lawyers speak French fluently and are well versed in the French rules, regulations and business culture. With our specialists at the French Desk, you are legally in a much stronger position, meaning that you can continue doing business with peace of mind.

Specialised in international law

If you have a conflict with a French business partner, then you will first have the establish which judge is competent to solve your case. This could either be a French or international judge. Moreover, you will also have to determine which law is applicable. Is this French law? Or the law according to where your international debtor is located? Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and can provide sound and practical advice on international contracts and procedures.

How can our French Desk help you?

Whether you are planning to do business in France or if you have a business dispute with your French supplier, our specialists at the French Desk will always provide the right guidance and the best solution for your situation. We can help you with the following matters:

Team French Desk: the specialists for French and international matters

The French Desk consists of both French and international lawyers. They assist international companies with their legal issues in France. With a deep understanding of how business law, contract law and international private law work in France, our lawyers can also litigate in France on your behalf. They can also help with bankruptcy proceedings while maintaining contact with the trustee or assist in recovering delivered goods under the retention of title. Moreover, they can advise on various international legal procedures, such as which procedures are available, and which one would offer the best solution.

We can be an extended arm of your company if required. Especially, for long-term, complex projects, we can act as senior legal counsels, supporting your legal department. Members of our team with specific knowledge and expertise can be hired to enhance your performance and reach your goals quicker. Whether it’s acquiring a company in France, merging or setting up a new branch, we can become part of your team.

Contact our French specialists

Would you like more information on what our French Desk can do for you? Or do you have a question for our specialists? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to help you. You can contact us here or send an e-mail to

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