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Your legal partner for enhancing your international business

We are a specialized law firm for both national and international trade disputes and contract management.

We have a team of 115 inhouse specialists across more than 20 countries and worked with more than 20.000 companies in Europe, the US, the Middle East and Asia.

Your legal partner for enhancing your international business

why choose us

Your needs above everything

One-on-one communication

Although our lawyers have impressive legal backgrounds; we believe communication plays a crucial role. Many legal proceedings can become extremely complex; however, our lawyers can simplify legal matters in such way that these proceedings are clarified. With regular phone calls and written contact with your lawyer, you are always informed and well up to date.

Your money is not being wasted

We always consider the most cost-effective course of action. We will not waste your money and resources on a never-ending case. We always balance your needs versus the outcome.

An eye for practical solutions

Our lawyers are prone to a multidisciplinary approach. Though we are experts in litigation, we are not afraid to use other measures. A judicial procedure can sometimes be lengthy, complex and expensive. That is why we may consider alternative approaches such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration.

Technology to optimize strategy

At Bierens law we embrace technology. We work with in-house data scientists to predict the outcomes of your case. We gather valuable insights that our lawyers can use to anticipate any foreseeable results. This knowledge enhances our strategy for your benefit.

Fight for your justice

At Bierens Law you are guaranteed to be working with the most equipped lawyers for your international trade disputes and contract management in 20+ European countries.

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